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Sell A Wedding Dress


So, how can I sell my wedding dress? Simply use our dedicated site to get your wedding dress viewed by our network of brides to be. For more information on how to sell a wedding dress visit the How It Works Page.
  • Create an advert for a one off fee
  • Get your dress listed on our website
  • Reach our network of brides to be
  • You keep all the proceeds


  • One off fee
  • No other costs
  • 12 month advert
  • 3 photographs



    • One off fee
    • No other costs
    • 12 month advert
    • 6 photographs
    • 70 days prime position on our homepage


      Discounts for multiple dress adverts

      Multi - Gold

      • 1 dress advert = £25
      • 2 dress adverts = £20 each (save £10)
      • 3+ dress adverts = £15 each (save £30)

        Multi - Diamond

        • 1 dress advert = £30
        • 2 dress adverts = £25 each (save £10)
        • 3+ dress adverts = £20 each (save £30)

          Why sell your wedding dress with us?

          • Quality Website

            Emotion can have a lot to play in successful bridal marketing.This is why we focus on creating an upmarket experience throughout the design of our website to display your dress in the best possible manner that will achieve a successful sale. 

          • 12 Month Advert

            Our aim is to display your dress in the best possible way so it will sell quickly. In exchange for a one off fee we offer you an advert for 12 months.During this period you can also log into your account and alter your advert as many times as you like.

          • No Hidden Fees

            Many advertising sites have extra fees and costs hidden in the small print. Advertising your wedding dress with us you keep all the money you achieve from the sale as we do not take or charge any extra commissions  or fees.

          How we advertise your wedding dress

          • Website links

            We have built many direct links with various wedding related businesses throughout the UK. Potential customers will also be able view your dress advert via these linked wedding based websites.

          • Emails and Texts

            Your wedding dress will also be marketed to brides via our emailing and text alerting system. We use targeted databases that we gather at wedding fayres and from other wedding related businesses.

          • Magazine Adverts

            We regularly place adverts in UK distributed wedding magazines. Many brides who have never previously thought of purchasing a pre-owned dress use our service when they realise they can save such a huge amount of money.

          • Wedding Fayres

            We attend many wedding fayres with the aim of promoting our site This gives us the opportunity to effectively promote your advert face to face with a potential bride to be who is looking for a dress like yours.

          • Online Advertising

            We invest in numerous types of online marketing making sure brides can find your advert easily online.We pay to advertise with companies such as Google ads, bridal directories and many different wedding forums.