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Wedding Business Related Answers

What do we offer other wedding related businesses?

Due to the high volumes of traffic coming to our site we offer the opportunity for other wedding related businesses to advertise on our site.

Why advertise with us?

Because a wedding dress tends to be one of the first things a bride will purchase when organising a wedding it’s a great opportunity for you to market your services at this early stage of their wedding planning.

What are the costs?

To enquire further on how to advertise on our site please contact us on info@theweddingdresslink.com and one of our staff members will be happy to advise you.

How to recommend us

You can recommend our page by forwarding or placing our link on your website. If you require any other marketing material such as business cards and leaflets please contact us on info@theweddingdresslink.com

Why is it useful to link social media pages?

Social media can be a very useful tool within business especially with driving people to your website. There also many benefits of connecting, linking and following other wedding related businesses' pages. One benefit is that who are following certain pages can also see the post of other business pages that are linked together.

What does this mean?

Consequently this means that all connected wedding related businesses can subtly market (there always certain standards to abide by here) to fans of the connected business pages, helping both parties grow there business by reaching more potential customers.

Having such connections will also improve your Google ranking which will mean when an individual is searching for a general type of service your website will appear above your competitors.

Google works very closely with Facebook and Twitter and partly uses them as a method to estimate how active your page is. The more activity you have the more likely your site will move up the Google search listing and consequently will get more traffic.

How to link to our social media pages

If you already have a Facebook Business page or a Twitter Business page simply select the following links below and either “like” our Facebook page or “follow” our Twitter page.

This will then connect you to both our social media platforms and allow you to place posts and pictures. You can also send us a private message to “like” or “follow” your pages too.

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