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Private Buyer Answers

Buying – How does it work?

  • View a wide selection of wedding dresses via our dedicated website.
  • Find designer labels at greatly reduced prices.

Why are the dress prices so low?

The dresses displayed on our site are either...

  • Ex boutique or shop samples.
  • Dresses that are nearly new and have been worn once at a wedding.
  • Brand-new dresses that have never been worn due to order cancellations.

Are the dresses genuine designer labels?

As far as we are aware all dresses advertised on this site are genuine labels that have come from either bridal retail outlets (as ex sample dresses) or from brides that have previously worn them on their wedding day. On occasions we also have brand new dresses available for various reasons such as a wedding cancellations.

How to view dresses for sale?

Select either the "For sale" or "Buy a dress" link on our website to browse dresses for sale on the site.

Alternatively use the "Filter search" which will allow you to view by:

  • Designer
  • Price
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Location

How to search for dresses by location?

Select the relevant advert, which will then display the seller location via Google Maps.

How to contact a seller?

  • Select the advert of your choice followed by the "contact seller" button.
  • Log in to your account (alternatively create an account).
  • Send a message to the seller.

What to do if a seller doesn't reply?

If you do not hear from a seller in 5-7 days notify us on info@theweddingdresslink.com

How to find a particular dress not listed on the site?

Send the details of the dress you are looking for (i.e. designer, model, colour and size) to info@theweddingdresslink.com.

What is the Wish List?

The Wish list is a facility to help group adverts together to enable you to compare particular dresses.

To add a dress to your Wish List you need to...

  • Create an account or log in.
  • Select the gold star symbol or “add to wish list” button for the relevant advert.

To then view your list select the appropriate “Wish List” tab displayed in the main navigation bar.

When a dress for sale has been altered what does this mean?

Most bridal boutiques will only sell general sizes (they are not made to measure) therefore normally alterations are required. The reasons for this are due to varying body shapes and heights within every particular dress size.

Common alterations usually entail a skirt hem (if a dress is too long) or can involve bodice or bust alterations.

If a dress has been altered the details should be shown in the advert, if not you can query the seller or view the alterations during an appointment.

Can dresses be re-altered again?

Yes this is possible and often happens within the bridal industry. However, you need to find a good seamstress that is experienced.

It is normally easier to make larger sizes smaller than letting out the seams on a small dress to make it bigger.

You also need to consider the material, as certain fabrics can leave alteration marks or have limitations when adjusting.

Checking the “seam allowance” is another useful tip as certain dresses have extra material hidden within their seams to allow for adjustments.

Skirts can be hemmed and shortened many times but usually a hem cannot be dropped back down once a skirt has been reduced in length.

If you are contemplating a particular dress but you are unsure about the alterations, seek advise from your local seamstress to see if the adjustments you are considering are possible.

Does The Wedding Dress Link have any retail outlets?

We specialise in listing dress adverts only therefore we do not require outlets. Any dresses on this site are sold by individuals or by bridal boutiques.

What is the difference between street and label size?

"Label" is the size actually shown inside a wedding dress and "Street" size is the general size of a person when shopping in a normal outlet store.

Do sizes vary with different designers?

Labels sizes found inside bridal dresses can vary depending on the type of designer. For example, some will use US sizing while others will use UK sizing. If you are unsure about the size of a dress on this site refer to the Street size label and then further clarify this when contacting the seller.

Making a purchase.

How to purchase a dress

If you are interested in making an appointment to view a particular dress...

  • Click on to the advert of your choice.
  • Select the “contact seller” button.
  • Write a message to the seller.
  • Agree a price.
  • Arrange an appointment to meet the seller.
  • Pay the seller directly if you decide to make a purchase.

Can dresses be viewed and tried on before buying?

Yes. All you need to do is contact the seller of the dress you are interested in and ask to arrange an appointment.

  • Click into the relevant advert.
  • Select the “contact seller” button.
  • Write a message asking to arrange an appointment.

Are the prices for dresses negotiable?

On every advert displayed on The Wedding Dress Link there is a clearly marked price. Some sellers however, select the option to consider “Best Offer”, which can be found in the advert listing section. You can then email the seller to discuss prices.

Is postage or shipping included?

The cost to post a dress is usually the responsibility of the buyer and is not normally included in the price. Simply ask the seller for a quote that includes recorded delivery to track and insure your dress.

What are the costs for postage or shipping?

There are a number of different factors that can affect the cost of shipping or posting a dress for example the...

  • Location/destination.
  • Size of the package.
  • Weight of the dress.
  • Speed and type of delivery chosen.

We would suggest you or the seller contacts a delivery service such as UPS or FedEx for quotes. Make sure you ask for insurance that covers the cost of the dress and insist that a signature is required on delivery.

How to make a payment for a dress?

We suggest that you arrange an appointment to view the dress first and then once you decide to make a purchase you simply arrange the best method of payment between you and the seller. (Note The Wedding Dress Link site does not facilitate any payment methods).

If it is not possible to meet with the seller we suggest that you use a secure payment method that can provide buyer protection such as PayPal.

(Be careful with other online payment services, as these may not be secure).

Safe purchasing.

How to purchase a dress safely?

  1. Avoid sending money or cheques in the post. If you decide you want to arrange a payment transfer we would suggest a service such as PayPal. Some other transfer services may well be less secure.
  2. Arrange an appointment with the seller. When at all possible we suggest that you meet face to with the seller and thoroughly view the dress before payment. Make sure you arrange for some one to accompany you at all times.
  3. Educate yourself about current scams. Search online for common fraud schemes.
  4. Use common sense. If something doesn't seem right avoid that situation or ask for a second opinion from friends and family.

For the majority of situations these tips may seem extreme but it is always best to abide by them to ensure security.

What are the common scams?

One common scam is when sellers ask for a payment to cover “Import fees” when shipping from abroad. If you receive a message like this DO NOT send any payments and report any fraudulent behaviour to info@theweddingdresslink.com

How to report fraudulent behaviour?

If you view any suspicious behaviour on this site feel free to contact us on info@theweddingdresslink.com

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By following us on Facebook and Twitter you can keep an eye on our new and latest dress listings. You can also find tips, support and advise from other brides.

How to follow us on Facebook and Twitter?

To follow us on Facebook select the following link - https://www.facebook.com/TheWeddingDressLK

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